Is There a Staking Program?

You can earn massive staking rewards with a low-risk commodity token if you participate in the entire supply-chain cycle, such as staking a coffee token from the time it is a green bean in Africa until it is shipped, roasted, packed, and sold to consumers in Europe (the end of the supply-chain cycle).

In this simple example, 1 kg of green coffee bean in Africa is worth $1.6, whereas 1 kg of roasted coffee in Italy (retail consumer) is worth $17 (excluding government taxes), resulting in a 1062.5% value-add through the supply chain.

Furthermore, by staking your commodity tokens, you will be able to fairly share in the profits of this supply chain. There will be various options depending on how long you are willing to stake your tokens – the most profitable option is to stake it for a full cycle of a supply chain of your chosen commodity. You can also earn profits by participating in shorter supply chain cycles. For example, in the coffee use-case model, you may decide to only participate in the Roasting cycle because it has the most added-value in the coffee supply chain. However, participating in the entire cycle is regarded as the most profitable option.

Direct-To-Consumer Decentralize Platform

Our platform’s ability to combine cryptocurrencies and digital assets with real-world assets such as commodities and real estate is one of its distinguishing features.

Revolution’s AI-enabled marketplace will connect all supply chain actors and finance providers on a peer-to-peer basis for a variety of products.

We plan to run a referral programme and network marketing for individuals, as well as provide additional incentives for community leaders and financial service providers to run their businesses on our platform.

Problem & Solution

Through the collective efforts of our members, we hope to create a more equitable and profitable supply-chain model by leveraging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.


Centralize Network
  • Middlemen and Intermediaries cost around 15% to 30%
  • Paper-based contracts that are prone to error and fraud
  • Low Access and High cost of Supply chain Financing


Decentralize Network
  • An end-to-end trading platform combining crypto and commodities
  • A smart settlement system where buyers pay and sellers receive in their local respective currencies by utilising AI and Blockchain, thus saving on FX costs
  • AI-enabled marketplace connecting supply chain actors and finance providers for a range of products on a peer-to-peer basis.

What makes Revolution a Winner?

Escrow Function

We will offer an Escrow function on our platform for a variety of p2p services.

User Centric

Because of our user-centric design, no knowledge of crypto is required to use our platform.

Community Relationships

Our community relationships in various sectors, which will serve as a driving factor for the demand for our token, are one of the pillars of our project.

Safe & Secure

In these times of uncertainty and inflation, our project combines commodities and cryptocurrency, because commodities are the safest investment and cryptocurrency is the most secure!

There is not enough infrastructure available for global adoption, and the various jurisdictions and current geopolitical conditions make it even more difficult for the big banks and players to take the leap and adopt this new technology. Because commodity supply chains are mostly international, developing a tokenization protocol that can be used and respected by all of the major players globally would be a significant challenge.

We do not advise you to take any risks or exposure in this market because it is highly speculative and we cannot see how it could survive under the current market conditions. However, we are merely utilising the cryptographic technology to facilitate a more resilient and future-proof supply chain network that could reduce risks and costs while also making it more secure and transparent, which are all extremely lucrative for this industry. Moreover, tokenized commodities are significantly more appealing and easier to access for all global players, and their value is derived from the underlying assets that are being tokenized, not the crypto market conditions.

Large banks and financial institutions are frequently involved with the settlement process in the supply chain of commodities, as well as using these asset classes to de-risk their portfolios. With tokenized commodities, the settlement and investment processes can be significantly enhanced in ways that are impossible or incomparable with the current traditional financial system or investment vehicles such as derivatives. The major governments will soon issue digital and programmable currency, and those who are not prepared to adopt these new practises will fall behind.

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